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Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday May 4th 2007

An Angel Watches Over Him

Liam’s surgery began around 10:05 this morning and the next chapter of his recovery story is being written today. We explained to him this morning that today was the day the good doctors were going to fix his blood in the big room with bright lights.. (Liam thinks his blood is broken). When the doctors walked into the pre-op room, Liam asked them if they were the ones who were going to fix his blood. We were in awe of Liam’s display of bravery and sweetness at a time when we know he is well aware that something is different about this day. His face shows concern showed in his face and his slightly furrowed brow. The magic stone given to him by Bob and Lee Woodruff that saw Bob through his recovery, his favorite elephant pillow, and two of his favorite puppies, accompanied Liam to the operating room and will be at his side. Liam was given a sedative and within seconds he began to smile from ear to ear. Dr. LaQuaglia put out his arms and with no reservations Liam climbed into him. Gretchen and I kissed his soft warm head and watched as our gifted surgeon carried our precious son through the big double doors leading to the OR. Dr. Laquaglia stated that as long as Liam is in his OR he views him as his own son.

I wanted to share something else that hit me at some point during my sleepless night which helped reassure me that Liam and his surgeon are not alone. A year or so ago my Grandmother passed away at the age of 86. She was one of the most important people in my life as she was to anyone she cared for. She was always the one taking care of the people around her and was often referred to affectionately as an angel. Grandma Rustenholtz was very religious and very involved in her church. Her pastor used the word Angel when he referred to her and he loved her like a mother. My Grandma loved butterflies for their beauty and delicate nature and we often gave her gifts related to them. The day of her funeral I stepped out of the room and found a quiet place with a window to look out and contemplate my loss. A beautiful Monarch fluttered up to the window and hovered there for what seemed like several minutes. It danced gently on the warm summer breeze and I watched in awe as it floated upward and disappeared from my sight. I have never been one to believe in symbolism but when I see a butterfly, I instantly think of my Grandma …..my Angel. My Grandmother’s baby picture hung in Liam’s room when he was a baby and today hangs in Ella’s. I know she’s looking over them as they sleep.

Earlier this week Liam discovered the strangest toys in the playroom. It is an elephant with a long plastic trunk. The elephant blows little fabric butterflies into the air and the objective is to catch them with little butterfly nets. Dr. LaQuaglia came to visit Liam in our room the other day and we just happened to be playing with the elephant and the butterflies. Liam handed him a butterfly net and said “catch them” as he jumped up and down with excitement. I believe today that the butterfly Angel is watching over both her Great Grandson and the surgeon entrusted to help make him better.