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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon May 1st

Long day……met with Liam’s surgeon and walked out feeling confident and better than had been expected. Gretchen and I managed to keep it together right up until the very end when we asked him to make our son better. Liam received red blood cells from one of you generous donors along with several medications to prepare him for the surgery. Time today seemed distorted. Seven hours flew by like 15 minutes and it feels as if there is not enough time in the day today. I want time to stand still today so that I can do a million things with Liam. It seems like we should be doing so many other things the day before a very scary surgery and not spending 7 hours of the day in a bed hooked up to a pump. I kissed and rubbed Liam’s head what must have been hundreds of times today. I felt like I had to be touching him in some way the entire day. Gretchen and I are both on edge and are trying our best to keep each other centered. The cab driver on the way back from the hospital was one of NYC’s worst and I almost climbed through the small opening into the front seat to correct his attitude after he rudely told us to roll down the windows instead of using the a/c. Long story short the air was turned on and the windows rolled up after I think he realized the scale was not tipped in his favor.