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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday May 8th Update

Right now Liam is in the POU unit which is Sloan’s equivalent of an ICU. It’s a small, 3-bed unit that we love to be in because you have your own room, the rooms are HUGE, and Reece who is our beloved tough-as-nails-but-oh-so-cool nurse here. But POU isn’t a place you want to be because it indicates how sick your child is. We’re here for a few more hours until a room on the main floor opens up for Liam. To put how well Liam is doing into perspective…right now a patient is being transferred from here to Cornell’s ICU, where Liam was this weekend. This poor patient is not doing well, not well at all. You can hear it in the voices of people as they’re talking. Everyone sounds stressed over the situation. And here, two beds away, lies our little prince…snuggled with his favorite pillow and stuffed animals…completely oblivious about what’s going on. Life is very fragile and there are certainly no guarantees…but it’s a huge, huge, huge reminder when the fragility of life is playing out within arm’s reach. In the time it took to type this note, the patient is already on his way to Cornell. We will certainly pray for his recovery.