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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday May 2nd Update


The roller coaster I have mentioned in the past just took another turn. Due to a temperature that popped up again yesterday morning while at the hospital for pre-surgery screening and in the evening just after we returned home and got settled in, Liam’s surgery has been postponed to what looks to be Friday at the earliest. Liam was admitted to MSKCC again last night and will likely remain inpatient until surgery. Tests are being done to understand what is causing the fevers. The fever first appeared Sunday night and caused us to come back to the city around midnight for a visit to the urgent care center at MSKCC for antibiotics and blood cultures to see if he had a central line infection. It is the most common infection for kids with a central line but the cultures came back last night as negative so it does not appear to be the cause. Now we are trying to pinpoint the cause of the temperatures through urine and blood work as well as a chest x-ray. It could be a virus and this might explain why blood cultures so far have been negative since they cannot detect a virus only bacteria. I know that many of you are thinking of us today so I wanted to let you know that as of right now we are in a holding pattern and will be until the fever source has been identified. We were as mentally prepared as possible for the surgery today and this recent turn of events is just further proof of just how unpredictable our world is these days. The good news that Liam never disappoints and tends to do something to take our mind off of the daily uncertainty by proclaiming some new discovery or surprising us with his intellect and sense of humor. I just received this note via Blackberry from Gretchen while writing the above: HE JUST PEE PEED IN A CUP! The exact amount we needed. Lindsey (his nurse whom we adore) and I got teary eyed watching him pee.