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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"I'm not comfy"

Day 2 down. 3 to go . 3F8s is tough and not quite the way it was described. In some ways, it's better. In others, it is much, much, much worse. It's definitely long days - 11 hours on Monday not including a four hour trip to the ER in the evening and nine hours today. One thing it is is all consuming and very difficult to watch. We'll give more details when our heads pop up above water, but for now we're doing everything we can to help our Prince. All he says to us as he endures the pain is, "I'm not comfy." He doesn't cry. He doesn't yell. He just whimpers and tells us over and over that he's not comfy. He won't take any pain medication when we're at home which makes the evenings difficult. The biggest differential between our perception of 3F8 and reality is that the pain lasts all day and all night. Yes, the super intense pain doesn't last more than 30 minutes but the pain doesn't go away afer that 30 minutes which is what I thought. The side effects from the heavy doses of narcotics (he's on something that is 3xs more powerful than morphine) makes him very unsteady on his feet and extremely restless at night. But even through pain and drug haze, his personality comes through. Tonight he ate something. (Monday - he ate nothing.) And as he was being served Smilers (silver dollar sized happy faces of mashed potatoes), he looked up and said, "Mmmm - They're perfect. Just perfect."