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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday August 8th Update

Liam is having surgery today to switch from the exterior central line he has to one that is under his skin. While it's a "simple" procedure, it's still 1 1/2 - 2 hours of time in the operating room. I was awake a lot during the night thinking about the decision we made on behalf of our son in order to allow him to take yet another step towards leading a normal life, but while still keeping close ties to the hospital. A mediport, what he's having inserted today, means no more dressing changes. Good, right? It also means he'll be able to swimming abd take a bath and shower, all things he hasn't been able to do. OK - Another "good", right? It also has a lower risk of infection. More good. And it only needs to be cleaned with Heparin once a month...not that right now we are spending more than a month away from the hospital. BUT, it does mean he'll have to have finger sticks with a needle to give blood samples. Not good. And it does mean that when he is accessed for a week of treatment, like during a week of 3F8, he'll need to endure a needle being poked through his skin and a layer of muscle to get to the port. Really not good. But everyone I've talked with....and I've talked with a lot of moms, dads, kids, all say a mediport is the way to go. Liam isn't so sure. On the one hand he's very excited about the prospect of no dressing changes and to be able to go swimming. On the other hand he has become somewhat attached to his "tubies." And as I'm getting ready to take Liam to there is a thunderstorm raging outside. His surgery is scheduled for 9:45 a.m.