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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Brave Prince

Toby is a little boy who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma about a month after Liam. We share a special relationship with Toby and his parents that only cancer parents can truly fathom. The depths of this often unspoken bond run deep and each others trials and tribulations are shared and felt as if they were your own. I checked their blog tonight and was happy to see they had settled into their new home and Toby was recovering from a recent surgery. I came across a post on Toby's site from his Saba or Grandfather and his vivid and moving entry about his grandson. I was deeply moved and had the urge to share it with all of you.

From Saba:

Toby is an extraordinary human being. Throughout his lengthy ordeal, he has, incredibly, preserved his smart, sharp intelligence, his sense of humor, curiosity, good natured complexion, and, short of a better term, his stoicism in the face of suffering. It is he, to my mind, who enables his parents to be such remarkable people.

Subjected to cruel and savage treatment, consisting in being killed slowly and then saved at the last moment, strengthened for the next killing session, cycle after destructive cycle, operated again and again, disfigured physically, he has managed to preserve his amazing character intact and to convince those he comes into contact with of his divine imprint. He seems a living instance of the separation of body and soul.

It is hard to believe, but true nevertheless, that, even in his misery, the barely four year old boy has preserved his gracious generosity (and I know precisely what I am talking about) and the ability to escape, at least occasionally, the world of suffering, which is his share since last April.

I write these lines with great difficulty, but they reflect truthfully my deep conviction that what I describe is entirely accurate, though inadequate to convey convincingly Toby’s unusual personality.

I hope and pray he will eventually be cured of his awful disease and that the cure will not affect too heavily the life of this remarkable boy.

Thank you Toby's Saba for putting into words the spirit of an amazing boy who like so many of these kids endure what seems the impossible. We keep Toby and your family in our prayers and by sharing your words with our friends and family I expect the heavens to hear plenty more prayers for your precious grandson.

Good night to all......