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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday September 13th Update

We’re emotionally spent but have some news to share.
  1. Liam was cleared to receive a fourth round of 3F8 antibody treatment next week. This is very good news since you want to have at least four rounds (a round consists of five days). When the nurse practioner told me, my knees buckled and the tears of relief immediately flowed. Even though I was confident, it’s still something that weighs heavily on you until you hear the words, “You’re good to go…see you next week.”
  2. The Prince’s CT scan on Wednesday was clear with no evidence of relapse. Always the ever-involved patient, he insisted on pushing the syringe with the anesthesia medicine. As he was pushing he announced, “I like this stuff. It makes me feel good.” OK – I guess he does realize what’s happening with anesthesia.
  3. The all-important MIBG scan…this is the long one that takes over an hour and requires an injection of radioactive dye the day prior…took place today. This is the big scan that I think every parent with a child fighting neuroblastoma dreads. Liam was in rare form this morning – wearing his one-piece fire truck jammies to the hospital (we had to be there by 7 a.m.) and thanking the cab driver for a “safe ride to the hospital.” We received an e-mail from Dr. Kushner this afternoon and it’s also clear. Yes, this is good.
  4. Liam is planning his future. He decided yesterday that when he grows up he wants to be a fireman, a doctor and have a baby in his belly. He has been consistent about these three “career” paths…two of them I can definitely see happening for Liam…the third one might be a little bit more challenging but if anyone can do it, I’m confident Liam can.

Next up…results from the 4-hour urine collection test (Liam thoroughly peeing in a container and Ella was beside herself that she couldn’t participate), a week of 3F8 antibody treatment beginning 9/17 (let the screaming begin), and a bone marrow test on Friday, 9/21.

And then in 90 days, we’ll do these tests all over again.