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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cookies for Kids Cancer

The baking is ready to start in just a few days but we are nowhere near where we had hoped to be in terms of cookies sales. Maybe we were too optimistic as to how many the 80 plus parents and members of the Band of Parents foundation would be able to sell? Maybe it is just too much to expect parents of kids with cancer to find the time to sell cookies to raise money for a treatment that may make the difference in their childrens lives. Maybe it would be easier if such funding would be provided by our government like it is for adult cancers, but this is not our reality? If it was we the parents of kids with cancer could spend our extra time with our children instead of helping to develop better treatments. We need your support and the support of everyone you know to make this event a success. To raise the funds needed for the team of reseach scientists at Memoral Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to begin to develop the humanized antibody and bring it quickly into trials. Hundreds of you visit Liams blog each day and today I ask that you help your Prince by buying some cookies and then asking 10 or more of your closest friends to do the same and so on. Thank you to those who have already ordered and shown your support for Gretchen and her selfless effort to make this event a reality in a matter of weeks for our son and the other children fighting with him.