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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cat and Mouse

We’re in waiting mode…waiting for the final pathology report. Pathology is literally looking at every cell in the 1 cm sample taken. Every single cell. Once we have the pathology report, Liam’s team of dedicated doctors will develop a game plan. It feels like a giant game of cat and mouse. The mouse tries to hide and we have to find it before it does any damage. I’ve never liked mice.

Liam had his post-op visit on Tuesday. He walked into the hospital pushing his crane. He collected four necklaces to wear from the treasure chest in Dr. Kayton’s office. The necklaces have a silver pendant of an animal. He has a turtle, chimpanzee, elephant and bird that are secured with a leather rope. He loves them and wore them all day. He looked pretty cool. You’d never know by looking at him what he went through a few days ago.

After a glowing post-op visit that left people shaking their heads in amazement of how quickly he bounced back, we visited the Childen’s Museum. He played and explored and discovered for hours…just like every other child. He loved hanging out in the Dora & Diego exhibit, danced to the Diego theme song playing over and over and over again, and especially enjoyed spending time in Boots’ tree house. His favorite was sitting behind the wheel of the fire truck which he drove with gusto. And when we were leaving, we stopped in the gift shop where Liam’s first concern was picking out something for Ella.

He did, though, complain once yesterday. He complained that his incision was itchy. But after showing him how he could gently scratch what looks to be a 4” incision, he was happy.