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Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10th Update

Two tests done, two to go. The MIBG is negative. Great. The CT scan, though, shows a shadow at the top of Liam's right kidney (the side his massive tumor was located) that shouldn't be there. It turns out the same shadow was there in his April scans but it wasn't reported. But because this cancer can't be given an inch and because Liam is still very much in the danger zone, he's having a PET Scan tomorrow. PET Scans show areas of increased metabolic activity.

There are scores of stories to share from how incredibly well Liam handled lying "still like a statue" during both scans (one was almost two hours), to the radioactive isotope contamination scare when Liam enthusiastically grabbed the syringe with the radioactive isotope in order to push it into his line that left all of us wondering if his skin touched the radioactive isotope. (He certainly makes his presence known wherever he is.) Today he was awarded the most super duper patient of the day for being so incredibly awesome during his long MIBG scan which, at one point, had a massive 3' x 3' plate within inches of his face and chest as he was strapped to a narrow bed with his puppies, pillow and super soft yellow blankie surrounding him. I'm not sure I could be perfectly still with something that close to my face. I'll save the stories for later. Instead I need to hunker down, get some pressing work finished, try not to worry, and love with all my heart and soul. Liam is completely oblivious and is happily eating watermelon, waiting to pee in the pee container (it's part of the four-hour urine collection that's one of the tests in the battery of tests), playing with his firetruck from his London friends and watching Curious George build a robot (his favorite Curious George episode).

We'll keep you updated.