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Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday July 14 Update

Liam eagerly went to summer camp at school today carrying a pink bag with his latest treasures - three "Harry the Dog" books, a small book of maps, his favorite black rubber ball that bounces really high, his hand-held Leapster game and his key ring that is actually two key rings - one with three keys and the other with two keys - connected with a rock-climbing clip to make one really long key chain. The keys are all blanks we got at the hardware store that have pictures of Mickey, Pooh and other fun characters on them. He loves his keys and walks around jangling them whenever possible. I forgot his lunch and had to buy him lunch at the corner deli which consisted of a banana, chocolate milk, travel-size box of honey nut Cheerios, and a box of raisins. He said it was the best lunch he ever had. When I came back to drop off his lunch, he was happily sitting at a table squeezing a plastic cup with a little bit of water in the bottom to see what would happen. Yes, it spilled. He spent the weekend jumping in the pool - a new discovery for him - and doing it over and over and over again. This is the guy who hates to get his face and hair wet so for him to jump into a pool was really quite impressive. And of course Ella, who can never be outdone, followed suit and was also jumping in the pool to squeels of delight.

The thing showed up on the MRI but it's still all very inconclusive. In essence, we have no idea what this is but surgery is being discussed because there's enough doubt that we can't rule anything out. The factors in the plus/minus column are equal which makes for an even more puzzling set of circumstances. The one thing we know for sure is that it was MIBG negative which is a very good thing. There are other good things but we can't deny the fact that there is something there that needs to be investigated.