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Friday, October 10, 2008

Liam and His Guys II

I'm working on an update but everyone should feel good about where we are right now. Liam's looking great and doing great. He is beginning a week of antibodies on Monday, 10/13, which probably means he'll miss a week of school which is a bummer. The good news is after a week of antibodies, he'll have a three week break. (Three whole weeks off from the hospital...what will we do?!) We've started the daily injections that are part of the process, something he understandably despises receiving and we hate giving. While I finish up the next update, which is tentatively titled "Am I coming or going?" to reflect the crazy nature of our lives in recent months, we wanted to share with you a very special picture that was taken two days after Liam's surgery in mid-July. Liam's "guys" are such an integral part of our lives that at this point they're family. We love them and their support. When I look at the picture, I realize how much I miss his hair. I miss it so much it hurts. But what I also see is Liam's spirit shining through which makes my heart smile. Today he had a play date with Taber, a little girl in his class with long, beautiful brown hair. Taber is a new friend and equals Liam on spirit and energy, something I didn't think possible. As I was playing hide and seek with Taber, Taber's Mom and Liam and listening to squeals of anticipation and delight, just for a moment I felt "normal" and like a mom instead of a warrior mom. I don't want to be a warrior mom. I really don't. I just want my son and I don't want any more pain for anyone else. Leave the pain for adults. Let's protect our children from pain as long as we can.