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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Liam has been up to these days.

Today Liam begins the two day process of scanning his little body to see the results of the last round of super harsh chemo. Please pray, believe, chant, meditate, and whatever else you can do to storm the powers that be on Liam's behalf. There are so many things to tell everyone. We have seen so much pain and suffering...but thankfully not related to Liam who, as always, just takes everything in stride. For the past 10 days since being discharged after a week stay at Hotel Memorial Sloan-Kettering, we've been holed up in NJ enjoying being away from the hospital. We've been living and loving and loving living. It's the only way to be, really. But we're focused on getting through these next few days. So, until we have some news to share, we'll share some pictures with you.