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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday April 10th Update

It's early Tuesday am. Liam is hooked up to a drug that flushes fluids from his system. It's intended to get the "sis-plat-num", the chemo drug that can cause hearing loss, out of his system as quickly as possible. Will it get it out fast enough to prevent hearing loss? As Liam sat on my lap during his hearing test on Monday am, I was wondering if high frequency hearing loss included hearing birds sing.

Continuous fluids mean continuous diaper changes. After his last diaper change...which required new sheets and jammies, Liam wanted his feet rubbed...one of the things since being diagnosed has become one of his greatest comforts. As I rub his feet, I sing my version of "Rain, Rain, Go Away." My version is about cancer. "Cancer, cancer go away. Don't come back and stay away." And as I'm singing I'm willing with all my might for the cancer cells to go away....forever.