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Thursday, March 1, 2007

How You Can Help

Thanks to all who have come forward with support and generosity. Larry and Gretchen are humbled by the displays of love and kindness and it does much to help the family get through each day.

To give Liam the best care available for this rare, obscure disease, the family has been forced to go out of network, making substantial insurance co-pays imminent. Additionally, the family will need to rent an apartment in Manhattan to be close to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Liam’s discharge date from the hospital is unknown at present, but it may be a long journey. Once he is discharged, the family will often need to live offsite but nearby, possibly for years.

Liam’s one year old sister Ellas’s world has also been turned upside down this last week. In the interest of providing as much security and love for this little girl, Gretchen and Larry hope to bring Ella to New York along with her caregiver. This will provide Ella with a consistent, rested caregiver and keep her close to Mom and Dad.

Many have asked how they may help make the road smoother for our friends in crisis. There are numerous ways we can help them.

Donate Time: For those of you who are close (NYC) helping them with errands, babysitting, laundry, or other simple tasks that take time away from their focus on Liam.

Donate Blood: Again for those who are close donating blood is a very personal way to support Liam. Click here for more information.

Visiting Liam: Unfortunately at this time, because of Liam's condition, they cannot accept visitors at the hospital. If you would like to send a card, please send to:

Liam Witt c/o Larry & Gretchen Witt,
31 Hoffmans Crossing rd.
Califon, NJ 07830

Financial Support: The reality of this situation is that the family will have astronomical costs associated with making Liam well. Sloan-Kettering is the best possible place for Liam to be but it is out of network and the costs of such specialized care runs very high. We have the power to lighten their load, freeing them to focus on giving Liam and Ella the love and care that only they can provide.

For those who would like to contribute, there are two ways to do so.

1. Make a tax deductible donation to Liam via the National Transplant Assistance Fund. Liam has chosen to fundraise with National Transplant Assistance Fund (NTAF) in part because NTAF provides both tax-deductibility and fiscal accountability to his contributors. Contributors can be sure that funds contributed will be used only to pay or reimburse medically-related expenses. Your donations to this fund will be put aside specifically for Liam.

To make a secure donation online click here

To donate via check: Print and complete the NTAF Donation Form and send along with payment directly to NATF. See mailing address on the form:

2. Donate directly to Liam. These flexible funds may be used at the family’s discretion without restrictions to pay for medical and non-medical expenses directly associated with the support and well being of Liam. The funds will be used for expenses like, medical costs, housing, and childcare. Any unused funds associated with Liam’s cure will be used to setup a foundation in Liam’s name to help find the cause of this childhood cancer in hopes that other families might not have to endure the pain that their family is enduring. Donations to this fund are not tax deductible.

Checks should be made payable to Liam Witt and mailed to:

Matt Sigler
JP Morgan Private Client Services
1 East Ohio Street, IN1-0175
Indianapolis, IN 46277
Reference acct# 2330553997

Phone: 317-684-3136